Band History

The feedback was positive and on the back of the performance they were asked to play at a 70's night being held by the FitzWimarc School PTA in the March.  Playing on a proper stage, the event went down a storm and the boys - now known as The TrolleyBoys - ran out of encore tracks to perform!  The one piece of bad news at this time came from their manager, Tim, who announced that he was emigrating to Australia with his family.














(Did I say manager?  Those particular 'skills' only ever seemed to run as far as making regular appearances in the garage at practice time for a chat and a few beers - although he was very good at arranging trips to beer festivals!)  However, on the plus side, promises were made that Tim's by-now legendary marketing prowess would be put to good use in securing regular gigs on what would be his local Melbourne circuit.  We haven't packed our suitcases yet!


Following another street party performance in the July, they were then hit with the news that Steve was heading off to Holland for two years.  Practice sessions - which by now were being held at Edward Francis School - lost some of their edge, although with Steve popping back a few times they still played at FitzWimarc School again in the November - raising money for the Fitz PTA and the National Childbirth Trust - and then again the following February , when they were asked to perform in support of the Grove Playgroup Association.







The TrolleyBoys came from humble beginnings.  


A street party in Wellsfield held for the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations saw Stu, Rob and Pete come together to form the original trio.  With just three guitars between them (only two of which were electric!) they were joined a few weeks later by Steve, who retrieved his old drum set from his loft and set about adding some much needed rythmn to the 'band'!.


With just a few weeks to draw up and learn a list of tracks to perform, the four boys managed to pull-off an acceptable performance - although if the truth is told, they each breathed a big sigh of relief once it was over!  However, the event had been well received by their appreciative audience and it was soon impressed upon them by their neighbours that a repeat performance was expected the following year.  













With this in mind, so the search began for a bass guitarist, with Rob asking his friend Simon to join.  With the five boys now in place, the band was complete.  Practice sessions were held originally in Steve's, and then Stu's, garage - nice in the Summer but not too much fun in the Winter!!  But they persevered and slowly their playlist was expanded, with new tracks being mastered and older ones dropped.





















After a couple more 'street' performances, they were encouraged to put  on their own gig, and in Jaunary 2006 they performed at Rawreth Hall in support of the local charity Tymes Trust.

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